Blue Light Family

Equipment for your operational protection

Together for your safety! We are your reliable partner who not only supports you in critical moments, but also prepares you in advance for possible challenges. Whether fire department, rescue service or police - we know the needs and risks of your emergency forces and offer customized solutions. With our wide range of specialized equipment and training offerings, you are well equipped to act quickly and effectively at all times. Rely on our experience and commitment to ensure your safety.

What does "blue light family" mean?

The term "blue light family" refers to groups of people who work in the blue light professions. These are professions that make themselves noticeable on the road with a blue warning light and have to be on the scene as quickly as possible in an emergency.

What challenges does the blue light family face?

Employees in this group have to expect irregular working hours and put their safety at risk every shift in order to serve the common good.

How do we support the blue light family?

We - the civil protection partners - have made it our mission to support these professional groups in emergencies. One of the ways we do this is through donations to our blue light families. This year, for example, we were able to provide the Laudenbach fire department with an emergency power generator so that they can remain operational even in times of power failure. We are supporting the Lauchheim youth fire department with a new Ford power generator. We also aim to support aid organizations in emergency situations with containers or camp beds, for example.


Blue light families ensure our safety and rescue us in emergencies. That's why it's a matter close to our hearts to support them as much as possible.

Our assortment will be expanded shortly.

Do you have any questions?

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